Oklahoma Junior Academic Bowl Association

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State Brackets (To Be Posted in March of 2023)

5&6 (TBA)

6&7 (TBA)

7&8 (TBA)

8&9 (TBA)

Regional Brackets
(To Be Posted in January for 5&6 and in February for 6&7, 7&8, and 8&9)

Class A&B 5&6 (TBA)

Class C&D 5&6 (TBA)

Class A&B 6&7 (TBA)

Class C&D 6&7 (TBA)

Class A&B 8&9 (TBA)

Class C&D 8&9 (TBA)

Class A 7&8 (TBA)

Class B 7&8 (TBA)

Class C 7&8 (TBA)

Class D 7&8 (TBA)

District & Regional Groupings (TBA)

Class A & B 5&6, 6&7, 8&9 Groupings (TBA

Class A 7&8 Groupings (TBA)

Class B 7&8 Groupings (TBA)

Class C & D 5&6, 6&7, 8&9 Groupings (TBA)

Class C 7&8 Groupings (TBA)

Class D 7&8 Groupings (TBA)

General Documents

OJABA Rules 2022-2023

OJABA Entry Form (mailable)

OJABA Medical Release Form

OJABA Score Sheet

OJABA Team Roster (blank form)